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Fall/Winter Fragrances

Fall / WInter 2022 / 2023


Almond Cherry - A delicious blend of nutty almonds and ripe cherries

Bamboo & Lavender - Well balanced fusion of earthy bamboo and relaxing lavender buds

Caramel Apple - Sweet juicy apple dipped in ooey gooey caramel 

Cinnamon Spice - Intoxicating bold blend of cinnamon & spice

Clean Cotton - A crisp clean scent of freshly folded laundry with a touch of green florals

Dickens Christmas - A spicy cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg swirl; sure to enhance the spirt of Christmas

Eucalyptus & Mint - Refreshing spa scent of tingly eucalyptus and cool peppermint 

Fall Harvest - An enticing mix of spiced Pumpkin, cinnamon & the flavors of Fall

Hazelnut Cappuccino - An infusion of nutty hazelnut and smooth mellow coffee topped with cream

Leather & Lace - The perfect combination of strong & feminine. Real leather blended with luscious vanilla

Mahogany Teakwood - Strong manly scent of fresh cut wood and a hint of spice

Pomegranate Cider - The scent of fresh, juicy pomegranate mixed with fall cider

Sea Breeze - Crisp, salty air blowing in to meet the dunes on a warm summer night

Sparkling Citrus - Juicy medley of grapefruit, tangerine, and kumquat

Vanilla Extract - A vanilla so strong and lush, you can almost taste it